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Q&A part 2

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Q&A part 2  Empty Q&A part 2

Post by Game Master on Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:11 pm

Now that you are in the Future, you must have a lot of question. I decided to write, here, information's, so you can look at it whenever you like to.

Q: In what year are we ?
A: In the year 2 403.

Q: Tell me what is happening, please.. I am confused about what just happen.
A: Ok. I'll put that into a chronological order, so you can understand How things went OUR ways.

Year 1 403 : The corporations found the way to survive with only technology. No use for Magic anymore, therefore, no praying gods.  

Year  1 404 : The Corporations have found out that rebels where destroying their tech. base support. They responded by banning the right to pray gods and to use any sort of magic.

Year 1 406 : The Great war started between the Rebels and the Corporations.

Year: 1 408: The Corporations created their first micro-universe. They proceeded to secretly take all those who could not do magic, put them inside the micro universe and altered their memory to trick them into thinking that they always lived there.

Year 1 410 : The Corporations mass murdered everyone that had a affinity with magic. 80% of the population died. They destroyed all the planets afterward and proceeded to reconstruct planets with the technology alone, putting a dome around planets so that magic would not be allowed there.  

Year  1 750 : Repopulation of the planets started.  People from the micro universe were put back on the new planets. Their memory were again altered to trick them into thinking they lived there forever.

Year 2 000: After a universal repopulation accelerated by Scientific babies, test and other products like androids, Alem etc, the planets where officially re-populated and at its peak.
Year 2 060 : The first problem regarding magic happen. It include : Incapacity to keep organic food to grow, monsters growing exponentially stronger, natural resources in decline and gods disappearing or getting weaker.  

Year 2 061- 2 350 : for 189 years, The corporations rethought their doing. Those who were still against magic started to be fire, and the corporations tried to take a step to help the future of our world. They did everything they could, from trying to use magic, convincing magical monsters to help, Using force and/or technologic manipulation on them, recreating micro-universes, helping people to pray again, making miracles and talking with the Master of the universes. What has been done could not be undone.

Year 2 351 : They  Finally were able to simulate a ''going back in time'' effect into a virtual world without destroying the flow of time. They proceeded to make this happen.  This is also when a magic source in the universe exploded, creating the Magic Void. It had a devastating effect over the world, and we now don't have anything ''natural'' anymore, except from the earth planet that is kept by one of the only god still alive. Legends Goes that he absorbed the magic that was coming to his planet to keep it for himself and thus, creating an army even more dangerous to whoever wants to defy them.

Year 2 403 : after 52 years, they were finally able to do their plan. The initial plan was to go in the past, take the 80% Of the population that would die (Either because they were able to do magic or were part of the Rebels) and destroy the initial corporations and their partisans, which included 20% of the population. They would destroy the planets before the initial corporations could, and our corporation (from the future) would have sacrificed their life in their timeline to recreate the corporations, which would've been allied with the magical being and the ''gifted'' ones, to ensure the safety of the future.

Unfortunately, the initial corporation (From your time) predicted that it would happen, and already (Only the members of the corporations) went into a micro universe that we could not foresee, which resulted in them attacking the corporations from the future right after they blew up the planets, forcing the corporations from the future to go back in their line of time, to not destroy the already fragile balanced that they were able to keep from the timelines.

Q: But what will happen ? We are not supposed to be there.
A: In theory, yes you are. You see, you were not supposed to be there in the first timeline that existed. But by recreating the timeline and with the corporations from the future going into the past to take you, it has written a second timeline in which you would arrive in 2 403. So nothing could happen to you because you are not supposed to be there.

Q: Will we be able to go back in our time ?
A: You need to understand how timeline works. Unless a really BIG thing happen, the timeline are always straight and NEVER CROSS. Let's look at it like that :   P.S. Sorry, I use paint...wanted to see what an ancient program was like, and now I know it's SHIT.  

Q&A part 2  Timeli14

P.S.: The words that are cut out at the right are : Everyone is happy (Or so we hope)

As you can see, the first part of both timeline are black. It represents the part that is completely similar from your past to our past. The little red dot in ''our timeline'' represent where the corporations were sent to get you. At that time, you had transfer from ''your time line'' to ''our timeline. Now, you are in the green timeline.  

You COULD go back in the past, but that means that you will return back to you PREVIOUS timeline and you will live the ''Blue line''. Basically, it means that you could live into your world, but the ending would be the same : the corporations will kill all of you. There is no case reported, but I am SURE that some of you will go back in time and try to change your own timeline so people won't die. But the problem is, it's already been written, and you can't change fate without MAJOR consequences. So you can try, but the result will not change. It's facts. And even if you are able to, the truth is, fate has millions of plans. If you are supposed to die so that what is happening here (And by that I mean corporations from the future coming to take you and you not dying, and not being in your timeline) will be make true, fate will find a way to kill you, even if it's not corporations.  

Q: But that would not mean that we are stuck in a loophole, were we die but we don't die because you come to take us ?
A: No. Corporations have found a way to jump into the timeline ONCE. They made sure that no loophole could be made, so for us, it's a onetime shot. If some of you decide to go back in your timeline, you could be sent back, but you will not be able to come back in the future, in ''our timeline'' which means that you will be stuck in ''Your timeline'', and you will die.  

Q: Ok, so what do we need to know to survive here ?
A: Alright ! Well go with the basics.

They are simple : don't kill, don't steal, don't abuse....pretty much the same things as it was back in your time. But some are new.

- People under 25 MUST go to school, virtually or not . They are allowed to work only partly before 25, and 50% of the school fees are taken care of by the corporations.

-Fights for lands, for entertainment or for  settling accounts are all made inside the virtual battle ground called the arena. This arena is available to everyone, but you can only fight inside by the means of your ALEM. If you want to Fight man VS man, you need a special permission from the court, acknowledging why you want to fight man VS man.

-If you want to break any law, or find a way to hack into something, or even found an assassin, you need a Decker to do that. A Decker is a professional hacker that has access to the black market and, if he is good enough (Like me !!) the corporations files.

-Social profiles are the key to EVERYTHING. It's your casting files, as well as your personal management and your C.V., so you'll need to make one. Here, personal life is shared, because we already know that the corporations knows everything. The less you post on your social media, the more you are shady. Before getting you discounts, giving you a house etc, the staff will look at your social media profile. If there is not enough information to their taste, they can send you back to make a better profile, or just deny you the sale.

- If you are caught breaking any laws, you'll be fine, sent in jail, and marked. The marking is a virtual marking on your arms that cannot be covered by anything. Depending on your crime, you'll have a color that will be assigned. People will be able to know by the mark what crime you have committed.  

Those are simple rules that you need to keep in mind. There is more, but, like in your time, you probably did not look through all of them, so I'll stop there.

Money has been changed since the micro universe in 1 750. To stop the people from having ''déjà Vu'' with the currency, they changed it into ''virtual money only'' that is called Dahma. Remember when I told you that Deckers are the only one that can really break the laws ? They are the only ones who can enter the virtual banks all around the world and take the money.

In furniture, I'll include a LOT of things. Mostly, if it goes into your house, it's probably holographic. Holographic furniture, or HOLO. F., or even H.F.,  is the base of everything. You can open your computer and buy a couch, then it goes to your ''Items'' in your cell phones and you can just drag it out and put it wherever you want. When released, it becomes tangible. You can take it back into your ''items'' at any given moment.

cell phones
If you don't have a cell phone, you do not exist. You are a ghost. No bank accounts, no social media, no diploma, nothing. You can't do shit if you don't have a cell phone, so watch out to always have it. Without it, you are someone that exist barely.

Identity card
Your I.D. Card was given to you at your arrival, but for us, it was given at birth. It's there to acknowledge that fact that we are alive. Most of the people just scan it into their cell phone. Keep it preciously, because it's the only thing that can help you if you lose your cell phone.    

Life is probably really different here, but as I said, everything is mostly virtual. As said previously too, we don't have (or mostly don't have) any ''organic'' food. We mostly have molecular cuisine, and other stuff like that.

Alright, the part that is interesting. To show your love for someone, you need to do a series of things.

- Dating
You need at least three successful date where you get to know each other before anything else happen. If you want to prove to someone that you are interested in them in a ''long term'' way, you need to wait those three dates. If you stop (or have sex) before the three dates, you are putting a term to the ''Future love relationship'', making it a ''Sexual'' or ''Friendly relationship''.

- Sex
Mostly, you can have sex with whoever you want, whenever you want. but if you do have sex with someone BEFORE the THREE DATES are done, you are clearly stating that your relationship is based on ''Fuck-friend'' or ''Friends with benefits''.  If you are a ''registered couple'' and you don't want kids right now, you need to go to your ''Health and sexual security department'' of your city and ask them for the pill (Man have pills too), the injections (work for 6 month at a time) or for a sterilisation (don't worry, it's not permanent, but until you come back to ask to be fertile again, you don't have to worry about babies). Of course, each of those things need to be paid for.  

Also, if you want to be a ''wild one'' and go hook up with a lot of people, you could take the last option and you'll be fine. If you don't want to have a baby with a particular person (Which is convenient for polyamorous  people that want a baby with a specific person and not the others that they are dating) You can ask for a reverse sterilisation, which allows you to choose with who you want to be fertile and who you want to be sterile.  

- Marriage
 The community is largely appreciative and tolerable with all kind of love, whether it's man/man, female/female, Male/female, android/male, android/female, android/android etc. Other genders, such as agender, are also widely accepted. the ONE thing that is not commonly accepted is Mankind/Alem. (I'll talk about that a little bit later). Once you want to marry someone, both lovebirds must pass a test from the other family. It can be a quiz, a fight, depending on the family. If you succeed, you can now be married in any legal form acceptable. (Church, traditional ceremony etc.)  

- Relationship with Alems.
Alems are a ''military'' products that have more emotions the more they evolved. Plus, their main physical form is those of an animals. In which case, they are always seen as ''animals'' and are labelled so. Also, some Zoophiles (BTW, it's not legal to have sex with an animal here) have throw some shade onto the way people saw those who had relations with Alem,  which make the misconception that everyone that loves Alems have a part of themselves that is ''zoophile''. Prejudice, I know.

- Cheaters
Being into a relationship has its rules. YOU.DON'T.CHEAT. or else, if you get caught, you'll need to pay a fine to your now Ex girlfriend/boyfriend, and be marked with a purple Mark on your arms to show that you are a cheater. You'll need to keep it for a year.

- Kids
Kids can be made through a lot of ways depending on your ''relationship condition'', but one thing is sure : For each baby, you can demand a Starting kit ONCE. Depending on the age you ask it, a box will be sent to you with the material require for them. You can ask the package from newborn to 16 years old.

Those are all the basic things that you need to know. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me !
Game Master
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Q&A part 2  Empty Re: Q&A part 2

Post by Mystery Face on Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:16 pm

Thank you GM for the summary of the current situation.

Mystery Face
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Q&A part 2  Empty Re: Q&A part 2

Post by Game Master on Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:23 pm

@Mystery Face wrote:Thank you GM for the summary of the current situation.

You are welcome ! (*^▽^*)
Game Master
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Q&A part 2  Empty Re: Q&A part 2

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