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Post by Game Master on Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:21 pm

The aasimar bear the legacy of a celestial being or even a deity in their ancestry, and have incredible potential to do good in the world. At the same time, their heritage marks them as different and often leads to persecution, ridicule, or exile from superstitious or backward communities. It is not unknown for an aasimar to give in to bitterness in the face of adversity and turn to evil.

Aasimar are the descendants of humans and some good outsider, such as a true celestial, a celestial creature, couatl, lillend, or even a servant or avatar of a good deity. (Some of these creatures must use magic to assume a form that is compatible with a human mate, of course.) While elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings with good outsider ancestry are reputed to exist, those crossbreeds are not true aasimar.

Aasimar look human except for one distinguishing feature related to their unusual ancestor. Some examples of these features (and the ancestors that cause them) are:

-golden eyes

-silver hair

-emerald skin (planetar)

-feathers at the shoulder (astral deva, avoral celestial, planetar, solar, trumpet archon)

-feathers in hair (avoral celestial)

-pearly opalescent eyes (ghaele celestial)

-powerful ringing voice (lillend, trumpet archon)

-brilliant topaz eyes (solar)

-silvery or golden skin (solar)

-iridescent scales in small patches (couatl or lillend)

-Abilities to lead or make themselves be heard

Aasimar understand that they are special, even if they do not understand their true heritage. Many aasimar from a latent bloodline don't even know what creature engendered the line in the first place. Two aasimar from the same bloodline often have the same distinguishing feature. Aasimar have the same life expectancy and age categories as a human.

The Aasimar that still live tried to be as ''little'' as possible, not wanting to be part of experiment. They hide themselves on the plavet of life, mostly, but you can find some little groups of them scattered around the planets, where they are safe.
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