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The Dhamphir

Post by Game Master on Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:23 pm

Dhampyrs, also known as "daywalkers," are living creatures who have inherited some of the tainted blood of vampires. Some are the descendants of male vampires and mortal females, but many others have dhampyrs for parents and some result from a vampire of either sex biting a pregnant female. A dhampyr's powers may lie dormant for years before being quickened; dhampyrs may also have children who are normal in every respect. Possessing some of the strengths of vampires and none of their traditional weaknesses, dhampyrs are simultaneously valued and discriminated against by both sides of their heritage.

Dhampyrs are thin and willowy, with pale skin and slightly pointed ears. They have slightly pronounced canines and blood-red eyes. Dhampyrs are unharmed by sunlight or positive energy the way true vampires are. Many dhampyrs feel the characteristic bloodlust of a vampire as well as the ability to feed off of blood for sustenance or healing, though their thirst is much milder than that of true vampires and not all or even most dhampyrs carry out the practice.

Those half-human half blood sucker wanted to stay out of the humanitie's touch. They decided to live under the cities and in catacombs, and swore to kill anyone that crosses them.
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