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Post by Game Master on Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:37 pm

Beasties, alos kown as Half-beast, are humanoids who are the offspring of a magical beast of feline, canine, or ursine nature and a mortal creature, specifically a human, elf, half-elf or Shifter. Beings of animal power, they are the hybridization of two unalike ideals.

Though only portions of their heritage carries over, Half-Beasts are borderline another race altogether from the others. Most Half-Beasts' humanoid heritage stems from their mother's side, and they gain many of the greater qualities of a magical beast from their fathers, though this is not always true; there are many Half-Beasts who have magical beast mothers and humanoid fathers, but this is the exception and not the rule. Effectively part of two worlds, that of mortal races and the animal soul's domain, Half-Beasts have no true, specific place in the material world for them; they are not animals, nor magic beasts who can freely mingle among them, nor are they true humanoids who can live life without harassment or judgment among their peers.

Though often attributed to the work of arcane magic in the case of Beast Heirs, it is never truly mistaken as to the origin of a Half-Beast; most common folk know well of the mingling of magical beast and humanoid blood and steer clear of its products. As such, the discrimination is far stronger in many major societies against such Half-Beast individuals who "subvert the norm", regardless of their innocence in a matter they hadn't any control over.

Even if they live amongst humans, they started to think that they are more ''precious'' than human because of their relation with nature. Understandably, the Human have seen this too and if most of the beasties are considered as a beautiful species and every place want at least one to work with them, there is also the flip side where the Black market pay a big price to have slaves like this.
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