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The Introduction to the universe

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The Introduction to the universe

Post by Game Master on Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:10 pm

You live inside a universe that is called Hieliah by the white people, or previously called Hialeah By the first nations, which means Lovely meadow.

This name was quite exact, since the first nations thought only one planet existed, and that it was a vast meadow where they lived, surrounded by endless forests and seas that would provided them with countless life source for eternity. They thought their existence has the purpose of helping the process of the world to flow, since the planet on its own had difficulty doing so.

This world was the earth planet, more commonly called Gliera. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can say for sure what happened at first on those worlds, or how civilisation has become what it is now, since everything known to men that was from the all mighty first nations has been destroyed by the ''white-people'', at the exception of some ancient ruins in the jungle of the earth planet.  

Needless to say, it was not the only World in that universe. This universe hide eight world, each with their specific ecosystem. In your time, every one of those planets had three big town : The industrial Town, the Academic Town and the Rural Town. Each of those have its specific rulers and purpose, which are clear by their labels. In addition, with time, each planet has started to worship a God particular to their ways of living and thinking.

Now, in our present, There is a lot more cities on the planets. In addition, each City has it's King that protect the City with it's power. Now that the Gods don't exist as much as before, we needed something to help us. That is how we were able to survive, with the Vital power of the kings.

Outside of the Cities, it's quite impossible to survive. I don't recommend you to try, on any planet. Monsters are there, lurking everywhere. And they are powerful, for those who did not see that before.
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