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Post by Game Master on Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:57 pm

Happy first of the month ! Here are some quests for you

1- 'Scuse me, adventurer. You've got to help me.

Their numbers are growing at an alarming rate, it's only a matter of time before they'll strike. I need you to go out there and disrupt their activities, kill them, destroy their camps, do whatever it takes to stop those wretched barbarians. I offer you my assistance, but it's up to you if you want me to join you or not.
We're counting on you to deal with those barbarians. If you can, kill as many of them as possible. We want to live in peace and safety.

I hope you're not looking for a big reward, but we'll still be able to reward you with somethind decent. Best of luck hero, make sure you return in one piece.
Taken By the Pits of Hell
2- I'm glad you're looking at this !

Oh I'm such a fool! I decided to play hide and seek with the neighborhood kids, but my eyes aren't what they used to be and those kids are too good at hiding. I can't find them anywhere. Please, help me find them, I don't want anything bad to happen to those munchkins.

If you decide to help me I will repay you handsomely, it'll be worth your troubles.
3- Excuse me, can you help out a person in need ?

My generosity has been taken advantage of. The other day I took in travelers in need of shelter, they repaid me by robbing me. I called for the guards and they came in time, but unfortunately they were no match. Please, retrieve my goods and get rid of those horrible beings. Unfortunately I cannot join you, but I have faith in you, I know you'll succeed.
Be careful, don't underestimate those beings. You can take out as many of them as you like, the less of those lowlives there are in this world, the better.

I will be able to reward you greatly, should you return successfully. I'm looking forward to your return. Good luck.
Taken by the Nightwalker

We need more firewood for the winter, but my foolish boyfriend managed to hurt his back while trying to fell too big of a tree. Would you mind gathering firewood for us, I'd do it myself, but now that my boyfriend can't work I have twice the work to do.

Fortunately I have enough left to reward you well if you decide to help me.
Taken By the Masterminds
5- I need your help.

I'm surrounded by cowards. We were robbed by a group of vermin, they took all they could and killed most of those who tried to stop them. I did what I could, but if everybody helped we would've overpowered them easily.  Please retrieve our goods and get rid of those vulgar creatures. It'll be dangerous, but I'm willing to come along if you need me to.
Be warry, they're stronger than they look those creatures. You can kill as many of them as you wish, destroy all of them if you want.

I'm afraid there's not much left I can reward you with, but I think I can still make it worth your troubles. Blessed journey champion, may you return swiftly and in one piece.
Taken by the Masterminds
6- Please, help me out.

We need more coal for our forge or else we won't be able to supply the army with more weapons, but the mines have been overrun with weird creatures. Hero, please, venture into those mines and gather us coal, those creatures will be too scared to do anything to somebody as terrifying as you. Uh, no offense.

I don't have something amazing to reward you with, but I'll still be able to reward you with somethind decent.
Taken By the Nightwalker
7- A trainee witch wants you to :

"Find the crystal of Blize, said to be impervious to any substance, before the week is over."
Taken by the Masterminds
8- A street urchin wants you to :

"Destroy the soulless hound of Cece."
Taken by the Nightwalker
9- A messenger with a scarf wants you to :

"You have until the end of the week to find a bride for the prince. If you fail, the dead will rise."
Taken By the pits of hell
10 -A ragged beggar wants you to :

"Find the pointy stick of Rice, said to glow in the presence of insurance salesmen, before the holiday is over."
Taken by the Pits of hell

If you manage to finish those quest before the end of the month, Just send me a message and I'll write you back !  ʅ(́◡◝)ʃ
Game Master
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