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Post by Game Master on Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:44 pm

Odin of the sea live in organized societies similar to those of most mortal races, with a few key differences. They almost rarely build buildings, and if they do, they are made out of corals and un-quaried stone. the second difference is that they are often comunal, rarely wage war on eachother, and have far fewer vices than mortals.

Even with the lost of their powers, the Ondin are by far the most beautiful species that exist. Their sensual way give them the chance to have everyone they want. The ytend to stay in little towns and stay out of the Big Cities to not bring attention to them.

They interact quite well with all humanoid races, as this is key to their survival. Although they live very long lives, it is rare that they will mate with each other, as the produce of an offspring is rare upon them. Instead,Odins have adapted to be able to mate with any other humanoid race, and produce offspring, although these offspring look like the standard of the other race. When interacting with other non-humanoid races, they are less friendly, but often put their differences aside if it is required. Many will even make long and healthy friendships with non-humanoids, since the weight of reproduction is not present.
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