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The Drows. Empty The Drows.

Post by Game Master on Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:27 pm

Yes I know, Drows are elves, but they needed an entire post to themselves, since they don,t want to be compared with any other of their ''cousins''.

Arrogant and perverse, the drow conspire to subjugate all who don’t revere their Spider Queen.

Like their kin, the elves, drow were once creatures of the Feywild. However, they followed Lolth down a sinister path and now reside in the Underdark of the world. There they gather in settlements of macabre splendor, lit by luminescent flora and magic, and crawling with spiders.
The drow are feared and reviled throughout the Underdark and on the surface above, and for good reason. Drow are the most evil race in existence; they are cruel, devious and treacherous. The drow would do almost anything to gain more power.

The eternal game of advancement which the vast majority of the drow are embroiled in has transformed them into schemers and knifing backstabbers. This attitude is encouraged by the spider queen Lolth who enjoys the dark elves’ plotting.

The Drows are dark elves that mostly live in the depth of mountains, but some of them decided to come into cities to become assassins. Their ability to move sthealthly is praised everywhere. They tend do dislike their cousin, the elves.
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